Case Study CFP Spring 2022 

Abstract Deadline: accepted on a rolling basis 

Essays Due: Typically, 4 weeks from acceptance 

Contact: Dr. Molly Buckley-Marudas ( & Dr. Shelley Rose (

Submit your 250-word abstract here 

In May 2020, we conceived the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative as a network of educators across disciplines and teaching grade levels. Our first cohort of authors joined us as we reflected on emergency remote learning that took place March-May 2020 and planned for an uncertain coming year.  Their essays provided the foundation for critical conversations about pedagogy, accessibility, technology, social/emotional needs, and the challenges of meeting students where they are.   

This spring is the time for reflection on the last two years of our academic lives and how our experiences during the pandemic have changed, challenged, and charted our teaching. We are ready to continue the conversation with a new cohort of authors and the ways that new platforms, teaching strategies, and course materials have impacted their teaching practices and how they will bring these experiences with them moving forward. Applicants for this cohort may pitch reflections, case studies, podcasts, and other multi-modal submissions from any grade level or context.  

For this cohort, we will continue to consider pitches for all topics that relate to teaching and learning during this time.  

Case studies might consider one or more of the following questions: 

  • In what specific way(s) have you adapted and/or changed your instructional practice during the pandemic?
  • What new insights or perspectives have you gained during the pandemic that will shape your future teaching practice? 
  • What are the most significant challenges you have faced as a pandemic era educator and how have you confronted them?  

For current members of the CSU community, we will also consider pitches for the following focused topics:   

  • Book Discussion Groups ( Have you participated in one of the Book Discussion groups or Small Teaching Discussions hosted by Cleveland State’s CFE? Share a narrative case study about your experiences and ongoing reflections based on the discussion group.   
  • Gateway Instructors (see and Do you teach a Gateway course at CSU? Consider a narrative case study or podcast to share what you are learning and support CSU’s effort to enhance current and future Gateway Courses.   
  • Inclusive Teaching: Did you participate in the CFE’s Summer 2021 Inclusive Teaching Workshop or the Fall 2021 Inclusive Teaching Community Conversation? What ideas resonated with you? How are they informing your practice?  Share your learnings in a case study. 
  • Reflection in Action: (    

We especially encourage submissions from educators in Northeast Ohio, but we will consider other geographic areas.   

In short, we seek essays (1000-1500 words), podcasts (10-15 minutes per episode), or pitch an equivalent submission type that best suits you from educators in Northeast Ohio. Each submission should be a case study of an assignment, project, entire course, or experience. Authors are encouraged to be creative with content and format. These case studies will contribute to campus and community-wide discussions about best practices for teaching and learning in Cleveland.  

Examples of past case study formats include formal academic case study, digital diary, podcast, and an instructional support digital showcase. Feel free to get creative in sharing your experience!  

Submit a 250-word abstract of your proposed case studywhen you are ready. Honorariums are available, with priority given to first-time case study authors. Please contact Dr. Shelley Rose ( or Dr. Molly Buckley-Marudas ( with any questions.