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Peering In

The Peering In (PI) program, an outgrowth of the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative, is about providing supportive and meaningful feedback to our peers. It is basically about providing a chance for colleagues and peers to talk about best practices and give support to each other during this challenging time.  

What is it about? 

Keeping in the spirit of the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative in trying to find innovative ways to assist instructors, PI is about looking through virtual walls and helping each other as colleagues. In the spirit of trying to turn a pandemic into possibilities, we plan to take advantage of the fact that it’s now much easier to peer through these virtual walls to support each other during these unique days in the history of education. 

Instructors of students of all ages will be asked to invite their instructors to peer into their classroom and provide valuable feedback about their experience. This feedback is for the instructor’s personal use and to provide a starting point for discussion. It is also for the peer to learn about how other instructors are working. Such visits should be friendly in nature and constructive, just like speaking with a colleague at work. These visits will be at least 10 and no more than 15 minutes long.

Using this template provided by Peering In, the peer observers will record their notes and exit the class. The observed instructor will, at their convenience, complete a reflection and the peer observer’s notes will be shared with the instructor. Every attempt will be made to have a synchronous conversation, but we understand that scheduling such things can be difficult, so there will be a format for asynchronous discussions as well. 


  • visits are non-evaluative 
  • visits will be made by invitation only 
  • visits will be no shorter than 10 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes 
  • there will be opportunities for reflection and conversation 
  • visitors will enter with their full names visible and cameras set the way the instructor has requested 

Get Started!

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Lana Mobydeen  (Cleveland State University, Kent State University)

Charles Ellenbogen (Campus International High School)