Cleveland Teaching Collaborative Receives Divergent Award

​We’re delighted to share that the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative was recently recognized as a recipient of the Divergent Award for Excellence in Implementation of Literacy in a Digital Age recognizing PK-12 schools, community programs, and university programs in their implementation of literacy practices that embrace the ideals of equity, diversity, access, and creativity, positioning learning opportunities for all, given by the Initiative for Literacy in a Digital Age.

The Initiative for Literacy in a Digital Age, established in 2014,  recognizes the importance of literacy in a digital age, those who diverge from traditional pedagogies and research approaches, and the indelible contributions of educators and scholars who have dedicated their careers to the theoretical and practical study of 21st century literacies.

”We received a record number of nominees for the 2022 class. The educators, librarians, community organizers, college and career leaders, and students honored by this recognition are paving the way for equity, diversity, inclusivity, and access to texts and tools for all learners,” shared Dr. Shelbie Witte, founding director of the Initiative.

Honorees will be sharing their work as part of the Literacy in a Digital Age lecture series in April 2022.

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