AI In Teaching & Learning: Partnership with CSU Center for Faculty Excellence

Graphic with text: How do we envision the future of AI in higher ed? It's here to stay, so we need to prepare students to use it appropriately and critically. AI also has the potential to promote equity by providing all students with individualized learning.

In Spring 2023, the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative partnered with CSU’s Center for Faculty Excellence to facilitate discussions of Artificial Intelligence in teaching and learning. That group consisted of CSU faculty members: you can read about their activities on the CTC blog

This summer, CFE and CTC would like to continue this conversation. There will be two Zoom meetings on 6/20 and 7/20. All CTC collaborators are welcome to join these discussions and can RSVP to for the meeting link.


  • July 20th at 10:00 AM

In this meeting, Dr. Goodell will present an overview of the APLU Artificial Intelligence session. The group will discuss plans for the UCF Artificial Intelligence conference.

RSVP at today!

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