Student Success in the Arts & Sciences

The Cleveland Teaching Collaborative is celebrating our 10th cohort of case studies! This cohort focuses on the topic of “Student Success in the Arts & Sciences.” In partnership with the College of Arts & Sciences, this Cleveland Teaching Collaborative cohort is unique in that our authors will participate in discussion sessions with undergraduate “Arts & Sciences Influencers” (ASIs) to foster a dialogue about student success in the college. The ASIs will read faculty case studies and offer feedback on the student success initiatives they have implemented or want to implement in their courses.

Case Studies


Evan Lieberman, Film, “Towards a Hybrid Model of Moving Image Education”

Sarah Rutherford, Art & Design, “Addressing Disengagment and Promoting Student Agency Through Contract Grading”


Melanie Gagich, English, “Creation and Implementation of Two GenAI Activities

Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, History, “Meaningful Attendance and Belonging in the Face-to-Face Classroom”


Erin Avram, Chemistry, “Cultivating a Supportive Learning Environment for Students”

Sara Froehlich, Math, “Guided Notes: Unlocking Pedagogical Possibilities in Introductory College Mathematics Courses”

Emerging Themes

As of this writing, the faculty case studies are published. The CTC team sees four key themes emerging from their reflections.

How do instructors facilitate engaged participation in face to face learning spaces?

Sara Froehlich and Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt in particular explore this topic in their case studies

Recognizing that instructors tend to model teaching methods on own teachers or on departmental traditions.

Sarah Rutherford, Sara Froehlich, Evan Lieberman, and Erin Avram all grappled with this tendency in their case studies.

Rethinking what “we’ve always done” as instructors.

This theme is prominent in all of our case studies and especially in the essays by Evan Lieberman, Sara Froehlich, and Sarah Rutherford.

Engaging with and Implementing Educational Technologies to foster student success.

Melanie Gagich, Erin Avram, Sarah Rutherford and Sara Froehlich in particular demonstrate the use of various Ed Tech tools for student success.

We’re all looking forward to the discussions between faculty and ASIs kicking off in March. Stay tuned!

The “Student Success in the Arts & Sciences” cohort is funded by a generous donation to the College of Arts & Sciences.

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