CFP: Student Success in Arts & Sciences 2023

Abstract Deadline: October 10, 2023 and accepted on rolling basis if we have openings

Final Draft Due: 4 weeks from acceptance or the end of Fall 2023 semester.

Contact: Dr. Shelley Rose ( & Declan Malloy ( or a member of the CTC Leadership Team

Submit your 250-word abstract here  

The Cleveland Teaching Collaborative was founded in May 2020 as a network of educators across disciplines and teaching grade levels. Our first cohort of authors reflected on emergency remote learning that took place March-May 2020 and planned for an uncertain coming year.  Their essays provided the foundation for critical conversations about pedagogy, accessibility, technology, social/emotional needs, and the challenges of meeting students where they are.  

This fall, the CTC is excited to partner with the CSU CAS Arts & Sciences Influencers (ASI) Program. This program will focus on enhancing the student experience and increasing student success in the College of Arts & Sciences, learning lessons that can be applied across the college and beyond. 

The CTC seeks 12-20 instructors (from any rank or discipline including graduate student instructors) from the College of Arts & Sciences at CSU to join our conversation about platforms, teaching strategies, and course materials in their teaching practices and how these practices enhance student success. Instructors may also reflect on past practices, texts, or platforms that presented challenges to student success and present a solution or outline a potential solution. Each submission should be a case study of an assignment, project, entire course, or experience. Authors are encouraged to be creative with content and format. These case studies will contribute to campus and community-wide discussions about best practices for Arts & Sciences teaching and learning in Cleveland.  

Case studies may take the form of  

  • Essays (1000-1500 words), Podcasts (10-15 minutes per episode) 
  • Visual Narrative or creative product 
  • Pitch us an equivalent submission type that best suits you 

Case studies might consider one or more of the following questions  

  • In what specific way(s) have you adapted and/or changed your instructional practice to foster student success? 
  • What new insights or perspectives have you gained about student-centered teaching and learning that will shape your future teaching practice? 
  • What are the most significant challenges you have faced as a educator in Arts & Sciences and how have you confronted them? 

Additional Information 

Accepted instructors will be required to participate in at least 2 discussion sessions with Arts & Sciences Influencers (ASI) where all participants will read and discuss the reflections on teaching in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

Examples of past case study formats include formal academic case study, digital diary, and an instructional support digital showcase. Feel free to get creative in sharing your experience!  

Submit a  250-word abstract of your proposed case study when you are ready. Honorariums are available for all authors. Please contact Dr. Shelley Rose (, Declan Malloy ( or  Dr. Molly Buckley-Marudas ( with any questions.  

*Not an instructor in the CSU College of Arts & Sciences? We are currently accepting interested educators for our podcast cohort. To pitch the podcast, please complete this form – 

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