Teaching During the Pandemic: Therapy Dog Education

Interviewer: Stacey Sinwald

Number & Level of Students Enrolled: 35, beginning (puppy) to advanced (Therapy Dog) class; Adults

Digital Tools/Technologies Used: Email, PowerPoint, Microsoft word

Author Bio: Stacey Sinwald is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), co-Executive Director of Riley’s Angels, a Graduate Assistant in the CASAL department at Cleveland State University, and a full time doctoral student in the Adult Continuing and Higher Education program. As a director of Riley’s Angels, Stacey designs programming for schools and organizations to incorporate therapy dogs as well as being a professional dog trainer and teaching dog training classes from puppyhood to advanced adult therapy dog classes. She utilizes Animal Assisted Therapy in her clinical practice and has devoted her research and dissertation work to therapy dogs in an array of settings such as healthcare, education, and professional organizations.

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