May 5: Open Group Discussion

Join the Cleveland Teaching Collaborative & the Center for Faculty Excellence for open group discussion via Zoom on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 from 11-12.  

Open group discussions are open to anyone interested in teaching and learning from Pre-Kindergarten to higher education. Register at this link or on CFE website.

Each open discussion starts with 5-10 minutes of “writing into the meeting” on a shared document. Here’s a preview of the questions:

  1. What did we learn from pandemic teaching & learning? 
  1. What positive changes have you made that will continue in your postpandemic teaching? 
  1. What didn’t work or will you adapt for postpandemic teaching & learning? 
  1. The CTC is creating an Awareness List of things instructors have learned during COVID-19 that administrators should consider at What would you add to this list? 
  1. What can institutions do to support you as a #postpandemicteacher? 
  1. What is your vision for the transition to postpandemic teaching? 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the discussion! 

Postpandemic Teaching Community

This discussion also serves as a kickoff for our Postpandemic Teaching Community focus groups. For more information and to sign up visit

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